01. puella in somnio
02. unfragment
03. hikari


It was bound to happen one day.




so happy and excited for my bae in mk8!!


superman’s instagram is full of inspiring quotes, pictures of the sunrise, out of focus shots taken with fans (tagged carefully with each persons name), drawings that small children have sent to him with thank you tags attached and artistic shots of apple pies purchased at small town diners


IA - Imposter Advisory (ニセモノ注意報)


I finally managed to install windows on my mac, so expect D-ne’s song to be uploaded soon as well~

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Title: Sleepyhead/Kids Mashup
Artist: MGMT and Passion Pit
Played: 424535 times

You were one inch from the edge of this bed,

I drag you back, a sleepyhead.

shes pretty cute


Two pictures that aren’t related to each other accidentally have a conversation.